My guesses about Ferraris in the new Magnum P.I. - Fall 2018

based on the 4 min preview at

or download/watch the preview HERE (mp4 960x540)

The pics below are in the same order as they appear in the preview.
The first 5 digits in the captions above each pic are the minute;second;frame in which they appear.
The scenes in the preview likely aren't in the order they'll be in the show. (duh)

Tom Selleck drove a Ferrari 308 GTS around Oahu for 8 seasons while on his investigations, from 1980-1989. Several 308 GTS cars were used, a new one for each season, most being auctioned off after filming. Mine ('80 308 GTSi) isn't one of them. In addition, MANY replicas were also used to keep the budget down.

My guess as to the new show is:
Magnum starts off driving a new red Ferrari. It then gets shot up and then mushed by an ambulance. Standing over the mushed one (on his phone), he says "I need a car". So the 308 gets resurrected from the garage (license plate ROBIN-1) and he drives that around for awhile, as it appears in several scenes. Then he's chasing a truck in it. Somehow he gets in front of the truck and the 308 gets smashed and pushed off a cliff (nice fireball on the rocks below).

Then he gets a new black Ferrari (ROBIN-3) for the balance of the show. Only question is if this happens in the 1st episode, or they stretch it out.

0;42;27 - New Ferrari

1;06;15 - Ferrari 308 (original) side view

1;27;15 - New Ferrari rear view

1;27;16 - New Ferrari front view

1;34;12 - New Ferrari getting shot up

1;38;27 - New Ferrari subsequently getting mushed by an ambulance

1;41;22 - 308 ROBIN-1
1;55;09 - 308 quattrovalvole ROBIN-1
The Quattrovalvole was built from 1982-1985.

2;48;19 - New Ferrari after being shot up and mushed.
Magnum on his phone saying "I need a car."
2;51;13 - 308 gets resurrected from the garage (ROBIN-1)

2;54;11 - 308 in cave scene

3;04;00 - 308 driving - downtown Honolulu and Diamond Head in background

3;31;05 - 308 chasing truck - BAD IDEA

3;40;00 - 308 hit by truck :(

3;41;01 - 308 smashed to pieces by truck :( probably using a replica

3;42;17 - 308 over the cliff :( - fireball not shown in this frame

3;56;03 - Magnum's new ride - prancing horse logo with ROBIN-3 plate