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The HTML for this page really
needs to get into the 21st Century.
So when I have nothing else to do...
Brian's Resume

Current Cards

Since 1997

Get your omnimedia production here!

Since 1997

Links to a lot of things in and around Will County, IL
crammed onto one page so they're only one click away.

Since 2011

Dimitri is a character I created for my last TV show, The Mystery Is Solved.
He's a takeoff on (and tribute to) Giorgio Tsoukalis of Ancient Aliens.
The bio on his website, DimitriGeorgiopolopolous.com, is pretty much
my bio, except for a little white lie about how I got my Ferrari.
Keep an eye out on YouTube for Dimitri expressing himself on a
variety of subjects. His pet peeve is the way the story of Flight 19 is told
on many shows on History and Discovery, illustrating their mishap
with F-4U Corsairs, SBD Dauntless dive bombers, and even F-4 Phantoms!
Really??? Jets in 1945?? Only in Germany, guys...


These Are The Dustier Cards


When others signed my paychecks...


I wore many hats during my 9-year tenure, but this
was the only one that involved customer contact,
hence the only example of a FFS business card.



Other hats I've worn...



The "Showcase" is a single character in a
custom True-Type font. Doing it that way
saved a lot of time and effort over the years.
In 1996, we changed the name to
Showcase Music Magazine, so I
have to find one of those cards.


Where doing my own thing got started


This card was created with presstype
(anybody remember that?) using the Eurostyle font
to match Commodore's branding.


Another presstype creation.
The '$' part of the logo was a nod
to our specialty in financial software.
I started doing business as Transgalaxy in 1997.